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21 Extremely Fantastic Cat Facts


21 Extremely Fantastic Cat Facts

       In this blog post, I am sharing with you The most 21 Amazing and Fantastic Cat Facts that everyone who loves cats must know. Most of the people don’t know these facts, maybe YOU know some of these facts, but I am pretty sure that you don’t know all of them. So take time to read and enrich your knowledge about Cat Facts.

21 Fantastic Cat Facts

01. Cats can only move their jaw up and down not side to side.

02. Cats have approximately 100 vocal sounds.

Woww! I am sure this is new information for you.

03. A cat’s tongue contains small hooks, which help with bathing and tearing food.

04. Each cat’s nose pad is as unique as a human’s fingerprint.

Cat’s nose pad is known as “nose leather.”

05. Cats sleep 16-18 hours per day.

Let’s say that the majority of cats sleep 17 hours per day, but even when they seem to be sleeping, they aren’t always “asleep.”

06. Cats cannot see directly beneath their nose.

07. Cats can jump approximately seven times their height.

Did you know that? Maybe you don’t, but now you do.

08. 10 percent of a cat’s bones are in his tail.

It’s well-known that a cat’s tail is a major way in their communication with human.

09. Caesar and Napoleon were known as courageous men, but were afraid of Cats.

So funny! May your brave friend has the same problem!

10. A cat can see light at levels six times less than what a human can see.

However, kittens can’t see in darkness.

Fantastic Cat Facts

11. A cat has 230 bones, even more than a human! 

Cats can squeeze through small spaces thanks to their collarbone which doesn’t connect with other bones.

13. Cats greet one another by touching noses.

This is also familiar in some human cultures

14. A group of kittens is called a kindle, and a group of cats is called a clowder.

Yes, you are right. Just like the electronic « kindle ».

15. Meows are not innate cat language, they developed them to communicate with


16. Some believe that if you dream about a white cat, good luck will follow.

17. Other people believe that Black cats bring bad fortune.

18. Cats can become addicted to tuna.

19. Cats groom themselves for over a third of the time they are awake.

20. A cat’s purr could be healing.

Purring can be a source of self-healing for cats that spend all day at rest.

21. A domestic cat can run about 30 miles per hour.

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