Amazing 7 Car Hacks That Can Make Your Life Quite Easy!


Amazing 7 Car Hacks That Can Make Your Life Quite Easy!


Carhacks can save us from many unnecessary problems. Here are the top 7 car hacks to keep your car in good shape. Want to learn some of the most amazing car hacks? Here is a list of the top 7 car hacks that can actually work. Have a look.

Your fuel tank is leaking? Minties can work as a temporary solution

It does not hurt to leave a few minutes in your car just in case you have to cope with the problem of fuel leakage. Until you bring your car for repair, put a few mines in your mouth and chew it well. Wipe the area where there is a leak and record the minutes you chewed on the hole.

Use toothpaste to clean cloudy headlights

Many people do not believe it, but toothpaste can be used to clean glass, mirrors and car headlights. Use a soft towel and put some toothpaste on top of it and then place the cloth right on the headlights. After a few minutes, rinse the headlights with cold water and a clean white cloth.

Do you want to remove the license plate sticker from your car?

Who wants his glossy car to be destroyed by unwanted marks? Nobody! However, it is sometimes difficult to remove these outdated stickers. Do not be sad because with a bit of wet newspaper you can remove those irritating stickers from your car. Moisten some newspapers in warm water and rub them on the stickers. After some effort, the sticker drops off the car.

Use a replacement shoe as a cup holder

Some people still own old cars that lack basic cup holder platforms. How about one of your shoes (clean) as a holder for your cup? This may work temporarily until you find something more conventional.

Keep your pizza with seat warmers hot

This hack is pretty easy to follow. If you have a seat heater in your car, you can use it to keep your pizza or other food hot while you drive back to your house.

Use the right nail polish color to hide scratches

No matter how well you drive, sometimes we all scratch our shiny bodywork. Most of us find these scratches irritating and spend a lot of money to repair these scratches. However, nail polish can easily act as a substitute in such situations. All you have to do is select the nail polish closest to your car color and use it to hide those ugly scratches.

Do you always hit your doors on walls? Pool noodle can help

Often, we all just hit our doors and hit the wall directly, damaging the texture of the car doors. This usually happens in garages, where space is often very limited. One of the most effective and cost-effective solutions to this problem is the pool noodle, yes, you heard it right, the same pool noodle that you may have used in swimming. First, cut the pool noodle into two halves from top to bottom and then attach both parts to the wall of your garage with glue or nails (whichever suits you best). The next time you open the car door, the pool noodle prevents the door from banging against the wall.

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