Amazing Secrets For Natural Beauty & Natural Skin Care!


Amazing Secrets For Natural Beauty & Natural Skincare!

Is beauty only in the eye of the beholder, or is the observer of beauty a reflection of his entire well-being? Beauty models with quick fixes abound, but if we decide what nourishes us physically, emotionally, and spiritually, we find that a little self-discipline makes a big contribution to preserving our natural beauty.

What are the secrets of beauty and youthful complexion? The answer is really not as complex as you might think. There are people obsessed with the desire for “perfection” who make great efforts to chase after him, especially now that we have the Nip & Tuck Beauty Club and the Botox Brigade. For those who have not died yet and I’m afraid we will be less and less, please read on.

Recently, I had the opportunity to hear a presentation by Geraldine Cox explaining her plight to rescue Cambodian orphans from her war-torn past. Many of the children she cared for were severely disfigured by the cruelty of war and innocent peasants for fear of starving themselves into slavery. With someone who loves and cares for them, they have transformed into blooming, happy children.

Having gained the first-hand experience with patients suffering from life-threatening illnesses, I know that trusting in the certainty that everything is already perfect is crucial to the acceptance of the event. By projecting calm loving thoughts and positive outcomes, one can have a miraculous effect on each one. 

You may be wondering what the hell of it is all about beauty and the maintenance of a youthful complexion. Quite simply, you have to look after yourself in the same loving way as you would care for someone else. And so should your natural beauty regime begin.

1.By taking care of yourself and your environment.

In other words, take care of everything you say and do. If you use others for your own greed and satisfaction, or carelessly treat your property, how do you think that reflects in your relationships? For what kind of person, in your opinion, is this behavior attractive?

2. Concentrate on achieving balance in your daily affairs and let peace enter.

When your body and mind have peace and quiet, stress is removed from the equation. Take time to be pampered a little. A holistic massage that relaxes and activates your own natural healing power can be incredibly calming and bring lightness and pleasure. You will then know to what extent you were stressed at all and how you can show something with a little effort and common sense.

3. You are what you eat and what you think.

If you continue to fill with processed foods, your body will suffer from certainty. There are very few minerals and vitamins in foods that are processed. So if you are overweight and stressed, bring back some discipline by keeping fit, eating fresh raw and lightly cooked vegetables, and unprocessed foods. Eat animal protein in small portions in proportion to your specific needs.

4. Clean the intestine with natural yogurt. 

Cleopatra from ancient Egypt also exercised her own natural beauty regime. Part of this regime was to help cleanse the colon by taking senna leaves, a mild herbal laxative. All of these suggestions help to keep your skin clean and create healthy, internal bacteria for the absorption of minerals and vitamins. However, it is a waste of time if you continue to use processed cola and chips every day.

In general, we live in a society that is over-nourished and malnourished. Vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids are therefore necessary for health and vitality. In fact, the breakdown of collagen caused by the lack of vitamin C is the main cause of deterioration of the processes and skin condition leading to premature aging.

It is important to understand what your body needs for nutrition because we all have different needs. Listening to the needs of your body is often increased during pregnancy and often occurs in children who naturally enjoy healthy foods unless they are influenced and tried by the over-abundant addition of sweets and processed ready meals.

5. Finally, the largest organ of the body, the skin, must be cared for.

Use high-quality aromatherapy skincare products that contain no chemical and mineral fillers. Organic derived essential oils, essential cold-pressed carrier oils, and herbal ingredients are far more effective and do not make the skin artificially bulkier than some chemical formulations. If you stop using chemicals for some time in your beauty routine and in your household, you will wonder how you ever tolerated the distinctive artificial odor.

Start by figuring out which skin type you are, eg. Sensitive, normal, acne/oily, dry or mature. Apply an aromatherapy cleanser or facial cleanser to your face. Treat yourself to a facial sauna to remove accumulated skin impurities in the pores. Put a drop of essential oil from Roman chamomile or rose in a bowl of steaming hot water and take a deep breath to increase the physical and mental relaxation and enjoy the break!

After your facial sauna, apply an Aromatherapy Toner suitable for your skin type by gently wiping it with a cotton pad and then rinsing your face with cold water to stimulate blood circulation. A French Clay Mask is also an effective way of tightening the skin and contains natural minerals. Then massage the face and neck with a facial oil that contains essential oils and cold-pressed carrier oils that are specifically tailored to your skin type. You can carefully dab off excess oil with a tissue and seal with a nice aromatherapy moisturizer. If you take care of yourself, you create a discipline for life. Voila! Balance and beauty!

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