How To Enjoy Spending Time With Your Family.


How To Enjoy Spending Time With Your Family

Today’s challenges in life are very different from those your parents faced. Do not let business and life distract you from living your life in the present.

Eating together

We have dinner at least four times a week as a family. Sometimes it’s takeaway and sometimes it’s pancakes and scrambled eggs, but the important point is that we’re together.

As my children have grown older it has become more difficult to coordinate our appointments, but dinner is our time to really get in touch. Our conversations around the table offer us all the opportunity to socialize, plan and learn from each other.

One way to make dinner with the family as enjoyable as possible is with meals. Let me share two of my favorites that are both silly and instructive. If you do not like the following, look online; There are a lot of great!

Pass that what?

This game promotes vocabulary building. Serve the family-style meal by putting all the dishes in serving dishes on the table. If someone wants a portion of food, he has to ask for it. But here is the twist: you can not use the name of the food!

Instead, you have to give a description of what you want. Therefore, never use statements like “Put some food in this plate?” Instead of that, you can make your food order this way “Would you hand me some of that delicious food with sauce?” This is an excellent method to make our family talk and laugh for while having a meal together.

Question Bowl:

Take sticky notes and write questions before you eat. Take into account the interests of your children and recent activities. The idea is to pick topics that start the conversation at the table. For this activity, I have my older daughters help with the preparation and have them write one or two questions to put in the bowl.

At mealtimes, one alternately paints questions from the bowl and reads them out. This is great fun and encourages some great table talk.

Get them out of school and let them count

If you can, pick up your kids from the daycare or school once a month, or even more if you can. Plan it, put it on your calendar, and consider it as important as any work meeting.

As a kid, my parents almost never picked me up from school because they always worked. But the few times they did it was very memorable for me. So, whenever I can, I try to be the one to pick up my children. And then I do my best to make it memorable. We always do something fun, such as a trip to the bookstore for something new, or even better – an ice cream cone!

Your children must be present and you must be present in favor of your family. Trust me, you will all be thankful that you will not be distracted and focus on the people that interest you most.

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