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Seven Tips For Your New Year’s Resolutions


Seven Tips For Your New Year’s Resolutions

There are many people who are enthusiastic about doing some new year resolutions with the hope that they will hold on to them and thus turn their lives for the better. However, they will soon realize that they cannot keep these intentions and return to their old lives. How sad it is!

Some may manage to last a week or a maximum of one or two months and give it up slowly. Hardly a small percentage of people can actually keep their intentions to their satisfaction.

Do you belong to the previous category? If so, the following tips will help you to stick to your resolutions. I personally found them useful to most of my intentions.

New Year 7 Tips

1. Think carefully before dissolving, whether you really want it or not.

2. If you answered “yes”, make a firm decision that you will continue at any cost.

3. If you have decided on a solution that you think is better for your improvement, write it down on a piece of paper and read it aloud at least five times until your thoughts have fully absorbed it.

4. Make a few copies of this affair and glue them to your favorite places at home. A paper should be in your bedroom so that you can see it when you get up.

5. Every day, when you wake up after prayer, read the piece of paper on which your resolution is written. Read it at least 3 times.

6. The other pieces of paper should be pinned in the kitchen, in the salon, and another on your computer.

If you come to your computer, you will not miss it, but without your knowledge your attention will wander through this piece of paper while you wait for your computer to boot, reminding you of the resolutions you made.

7. At the end of the day, when going to bed, remember to repeat and confirm your decision at least twice so that it will stick to your determination at all costs.

If you follow the tips above, you are very glad that you have not broken your resolution and are able to keep it successful.

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